Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Full Day of Exploring: Part II

We didn't have very high hopes for this building. None of us had been here before. We had just driven past it a few times and decided to check it out. Even though it was basically one big room, we were still blown away with how much better it was than we'd imagined. 

Kaylah standing in what will in a few more years be an indoor forest.

This theater was home to a church before being completely abandoned.

The next location was without a doubt the most interesting and rewarding. I will not give any details about this place because it's already in danger of being completely destroyed. It doesn't need any help from scrappers, vandals, and hoards of explorers. I will say this though, it's a mansion turned medical facility and it's unlike anything else in Cleveland.

Next we made a stop at Westinghouse a.k.a. The Oreo Building. I've probably been here over fifty times. I've even shot wedding photos here. Unfortunately it looks as though it's being torn down.

This was an old railway power house. I didn't take very many photos here because for the most part it's just one giant room.

After checking out a couple more buildings we headed to the roof of an old favorite to catch an amazing sunset.

After the sun went down we went to one last building to do a little bit of night photography from the roof.

Photos taken with a Canon Mark III, and Canon 60D; using a Canon 20mm f/2.8, Canon 135mm f/2.0, and a Rokinon 8mm Fisheye lens.

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