Friday, September 5, 2014

An Abandoned Train Station

I've been exploring the city of Cleveland, and it's abandoned buildings for over ten years now. I've been in some incredible buildings but there was always one particular building that I wanted to explore but could never find a way into, until now. The train station on Canal Road.

This stone and brick structure was built in the late 1800s as the Cleveland Terminal & Valley Rail Road Station. Later the CT&VRR was bought by the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road, which is why most people refer to this building as the B&O Station.

A huge thank you to my long time Instagram friend Cierra for knowing the right people and relentlessly emailing them. I don't think I ever would have seen the inside of this building on my own. 

Beautiful tile work throughout the first floor.

This staircase hugged an ornate wrought iron elevator cage.

Looking down the elevator shaft.

Heading into the basement.

If you look closely at the greenery at the lower left portion of the image you can see steel beams. Those beams held up the platform that once extended out from the building. Trains carrying immigrants would have pulled up here, and the new U.S. citizens would have walked into this building, filled out some papers, and been on their way. In a way this building was Cleveland's own miniature Ellis Island.

This building is so rich in history and architecture. It's sad to see it sit empty. There have been a number of plans to renovate it but as with most projects like this, the money just isn't there. 

Photos taken with a Canon Mark III, and Canon 60D; using a Canon 20mm f/2.8, and a Rokinon 8mm Fisheye lens.


  1. OH man, these photos turned out amazing. I was more than happy to help you get access to the building and to run interference once "the guy" started asking how long we were going to take haha. These are gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks Cierra, and thanks once again for getting us in.