Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Home Sweet Home

I've been in all sorts of abandoned buildings and structures. Everything from breweries, asylums, factories, schools, and subway tunnels; but none of them illicit more emotion than abandoned houses. Houses are so easy to relate to. It's easy to image a family living there and I often try to build a picture in my head of what the people who lived there were like. 

The first house that Kaylah and I explored was a really beautiful home with large windows, a fireplace, and nice big living room. The outside of the house is almost completely hidden with overgrown trees and shrubs. 

Most of the house looks as if someone just moved out quickly and didn't bother to clean, the kitchen and upstairs bathroom however are showing all of the decay you would expect from a long abandoned house.

Expired canned goods litter the floor.

This bathroom would have been really nice at some point. 

A bubble bath and trashy romance novel?

The upstairs is full of clothes, board games, and romance novels. I assume the people who lived here were older, maybe grandparents, or maybe they just enjoyed playing board games together. Now the games are scattered across the hallway floor, while clothes still hang in closets.

The second house that we went to was much further gone. The back bedrooms looked more like caves and were falling in.

The best part of this house was all of the colors. 

Unlike the first house, this one actually still had most of the furniture in it.

The kitchen was extremely vintage.

An electric can opener covered in cobwebs. 

It was more difficult for me to image what the occupants of the second house were like. There was a screened in porch with a rabbit cage in it, an attic full of rolls of fabric, and one of the bedrooms was painted pink. Whoever lived here hadn't updated anything in at least fifty years. Books and personal items left behind lead me to believe that at least one of the people who lived here was younger, but I have no idea when or why they left. 

Houses are so much fun to explore. Houses hold mysteries and unanswered questions and I love to play detective and try to find the answers to these riddles from the clues left behind. 


  1. It is always eerie to me when I find clothing still hanging in the closets. Where did they go?!

    Great photos!

    1. Thank you! I agree, it's so strange to see things like that left behind. Leaves so many unanswered questions.