Friday, February 27, 2015

Film Friday - 8

The return of Film Friday! It's been several months but I've finally gotten around to finishing a couple rolls of film and even got them processed. One of my problems with film is that I shoot it very conservatively. The other problem is that I have at least three or four film cameras loaded with film at any given time. So I might go out with one or two cameras and shoot a few photos on each, and then not touch either of those cameras for a month or more. In a way it makes the developing more exciting because more often than not, I've completely forgotten what is on each roll. 

So here is a sampling of film photos taken between July 2014 and January 2015. 

Somewhere in North Carolina

Pilot Mountain.

Kaylah on a snowy day after she finished shooting outfit photos.

A desert of ice and snow.

Snow storm from a rooftop.

The overlook at Gambrill State Park.

I posted the digital version of this photo a few days ago.

Kayaking the Cuyahoga River.

A decommissioned lift bridge.

Watching a ship pass while taking a break from a bike ride.

Camping in Pennsylvania.

Photos taken with a Canon TL QL, using Kodak Ektar 100, and Fuji Superia 200, films.


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want to get back to shooting film.

    1. Thank you! I'm definitely really happy with these. I can't wait to finish the roll that's in my camera right now.