Monday, March 23, 2015

The Salton Sea of the Midwest Part II

Welcome to part two of my exploration of the abandoned trailer park. One of the resounding elements of a place like this is the human connection. It's a far cry from the monumental, empty rooms of factories and warehouses. This isn't an impersonal structure visited by forgotten hordes of employees, students, worshipers, and patrons. Instead, these are places of personal memories. Places only select few can call their own. These decaying old trailers hold the personal belongings of families who lived or vacationed there. These are the places where people went to enjoy the company of loving family members and friends, and their memories linger here.

Inside one of the cottages.

The outhouse.

Loved this bathroom.

Power Of Pride

The interior of most of them were completely trashed.

Just as we started to head back to the car the clouds suddenly parted and the sun came out.

I get asked all the time to share where these places are. I understand asking and wanting to know where something like this is, however I've made it a policy of mine, not to divulge details about locations. I hope it's not seen as an act of selfishness, I simply want to protect these places from the inevitable damage caused by scrappers and vandals. The more people who know where an abandoned structure is, the better the chances are that someone with ill intent will find it and ruin it for everyone. So if you want to know where this, or where any of my other abandoned buildings are, I will tell you exactly how to find them, the same way that I find them. Google. The clues are there. I saw a few photos of this place and took what I saw in those photos made a couple Google searches, spent about ten minutes on Google Earth, and then less than twelve hours later I was standing in the middle of it camera in hand. Learn to love the search. It's part of the fun.

Photos taken with a Canon 60D, using a Canon 20mm f/2.8, and Canon 10-22mm f/3.5 lens.

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