Friday, May 29, 2015

Forty-Four Years Too Late

Anytime I go to an estate sale, flea market, antique store, thrift store, or garage sale; I look for cameras. If I can get a camera at a decent price I'll buy it. At a recent estate sale I picked up a couple Polaroid cameras. One of them came in a really nice camera bag. Inside of the camera bag was an open but unused pack of Polaroid Type 107 film. It expired in 1971 but I threw it in the camera and started taking a few test shots.

I was shocked that the chemicals hadn't dried out, but the first few photos still didn't yield much of an image. 

Eventually I was able to snap a couple photos that actually kind of worked.

It was really cool being able to shoot with film that old. I actually really like shooting with expired film whenever I can get my hands on some regardless of what kind of film it is. 

Photos taken with a Polaroid Colorpack II, using Polaroid Type 107 film.