Friday, June 20, 2014

Film Friday - 3

I was about halfway through a roll of film in my 35mm when we left for the big trip out west, so the first few photos were shot in Cleveland. 

And just a heads up to anyone traveling with film, give yourself plenty of time to get through security because to protect the integrity of your film you have to keep it on your carryon bag and you have to request to have it hand searched instead of going through the X-ray machine. TSA is pretty cool about this but it'll take some time. Between Kaylah and I we had almost an entire duffle bag filled with film and cameras that already contained film. Each pack of film, and each camera had to be wiped with some sort of particle detection strip. I assume it was testing for any sort of explosives, I didn't ask though, best to just let TSA do their job.

The storm front that eventually turned into the lightning storm that I captured a picture of.

I love the way Jasf paints.

Sunset on Lake Erie from the beach on Wendy Park while looking for beach glass.

Sunrise over the silhouettes of abandoned cars in the ghost town.

An accidental double exposure. 

Another shot of the factory just outside of Las Vegas.

Photos taken with Canon TL QL, 50mm f/1.8, 28mm f/2.5, and 80-205 f/4.5 using expired Kodak Gold Max 800, and Fuji 200 film.

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