Friday, July 4, 2014

Film Friday - 5

I ended up with so many film photos from this trip. This Film Friday post is a mix of photos from the first few days of the trip. Once again, please excuse the repeated photos. It's so difficult to only shoot with one camera when you're carrying so many different types of cameras. 

These first photos are taken with my Holga.

Kaylah and I walked around the area damaged by wild fire for a while. It was remarkable to see so many acres of forest burned to just sticks. 

To see the herd of bison was certainly one of my favorite experiences from this trip.

These were taken with my 35mm. The first two photos are from the first ghost town that we stopped at.

The Painted Desert

The Petrified Forest

This was the second time we had seen wild horses on the trip but the first time we weren't able to photograph them.

Photos taken with Canon TL QL, 50mm f/1.8, 28mm f/2.5, using Kodak Gold 200, and Fujicolor Superia 200 film. Also taken with a Holga 120N, with Kodak Ektar 100 film.